“It’s our mission to give families the perfect place to have fun, get active, and relax. It’s important that everyone can find what they’re looking for here, whether that’s resting and relaxing time for parents, or energetic play time for kids and toddlers.”

Rock, Paper, Scissors Playground was created with families in mind. Located in the heart of the Thornecliff neighbourhood with easy access to West Edmonton Mall, we wanted to provide children and parents alike with a retreat. At RPS, we are in the business of providing fun and relaxation in equal measures. 


It’s also important to us that kids have a place to be kids. Learning, playing, and interacting helps kids build important skills. RPS provides a place where kids can be physically active and burn off their unlimited energy reserves – something every parent can appreciate. 


We expect to be busy in 2019 as families arrive seeking adventure and thrills, and we’ll continue provide a special retreat within the community for many years to come.